Dear Business Partner;

The health and safety of our employees and business partners is paramount to us.

From the first day of the corona virus seen in Turkey, within scope of “mask-distance-hygiene” and the recommendations of the relevant institutions and organizations, all kinds of measures are taken and implemented by updating according to changing conditions. Some of our applications are listed below.

  • Our factory, offices and services are regularly disinfected with chemical products that are harmless to human health.
  • The staff density in services and common use areas has been halved.
  • Warning signs, markings, etc. has been made in the relevant locations of the factory.
  • For all employees whose job descriptions are suitable, the remote working method has been started immediately.
  • Visits are minimized for the safety of both our employees and business partners. Contact surfaces are constantly disinfected during the day, and areas with dense entrances and exits are ventilated.
  • The Visitor Procedure has been posted and put in practice.
  • Masks and disinfectants are regularly distributed to all our employees.
  • Our international and domestic flight travels are suspended.

As SFA ELECTRIC, we will take all measures and continue our efforts to protect the health of both our employees and our business partners.

We wish you healthy and safe days.