As a company that offers equal opportunities to all segments with which we have a business relationship, we do not make any discrimination based on age, race, belief, skin color, gender, language, nationality, marital status, sexual orientation, political opinion, disability or religion.

We work to ensure and maintain equality of opportunity for employees in a fair working environment.


We are loyally committed to our work, taking into account the social benefits of our work.


Integrity and honesty are our primary values in all relations and processes with our employees, customers, suppliers and shareholders.


SFA ELECTRIC takes a consistent stance towards all stakeholders it communicates with. It supports the business model based on mutual trust with its impartiality, does not discriminate and avoids prejudiced behaviors.


SFA ELECTRIC employees carefully avoid actions that may result in conflict of interest and take care to protect the interests of the company during their duties, and avoid any action and behavior that may mean providing benefits to themselves or their relatives. They do not allow employees to obtain personal benefits that are not suitable due to the conflict of company interest and personal interests and to the position of employees, or to benefit their relatives or third parties under any circumstances.


SFA ELECTRIC acts transparently and openly towards its external stakeholders (Society, Customers, Suppliers). It acts within the framework of financial discipline and accountability in its practices against internal stakeholders (Shareholders


SFA ELECTRIC fulfills all the requirements that will enable all stakeholders to be defined as “Reliable Company“, “Reliable Person“, both as the company and its employees