Human Resources Policy



As SFA ELECTRIC, we blended our company policy with our belief in human, system and quality. At this point, we are aware of the importance of the ‘Human’ factor. Our strategy for human resources is “to continue on our way with our colleagues who trust us and will be happy to work with us.”
Because, as SFA ELECTRIC, we are aware that “Happy employees produce, develop, and add value to their company.”

An employee who trusts his company knows that his company will respect and value his personal rights, take all precautions for occupational health and safety, be fair, treat all employees equally, be the closest supporter in his career journey, and support him in his development.

In this direction, our guiding principles as Human Resources are as follows;

  • Continuous improvement,
  • Equality,
  • Team spirit,
  • Employee satisfaction and sense of belonging,
  • Safe working environment.

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