Gas Insulated
36kV, 630A, 16/20/25kA-1sec. RMU
SFA-RM36 - Surveillance Window (First in Turkey)
- Low SF6 Gas Pressure (1.05bar) (the lowest in Turkey)
Gas Insulated Switchgears (RMU)
12/17.5kV, 400-630A, 21/25kA-1sec. RMU
SFA-RM12/17.5 - Strong references at severe atmospheric conditions
- Cable testing facility
- Indoor and Outdoor options
- Self-powered relay
OEM Components 36kV, 630A, 16kA
SFA-LBS & SFA-SCB & SFA-VCB - We are ready for support with our Load Separator / Separator, Gas Circuit Breaker, Vacuum Circuit Breaker solutions.

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